Learning Briefs

What is a Learning Brief?

A learning brief is a short document focusing on learnings from particular
activities or projects. They are co-created with the people involved using
reflective learning techniques.

Each learning brief:

  • Provides context and background.
  • Documents what happened and how it happened.
  • Explains the roles of the different participants.
  • Demonstrates what worked, what didn’t work and how improvements might be made.
  • Highlights the achievements, challenges and lessons learnt and how these might be diffused more widely (if relevant).
  • Makes recommendations

The overall aim is to capture the learnings in a format that is accessible and
useful to the participants involved and to other relevant stakeholders, including funders and policy makers. The process of writing a learning brief involves intensive, collaborative reflection and deliberation, so they also provide a useful form of internal reflective learning and evaluation, which helps inform future decisions and actions.

Learning briefs (pdf documents):